Super Monster
Burning Godzilla
Height 70 meters
Mass 35,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


"If hell got up and walked around..." - A concerned citizen The alien power which flowed through SPACE GODZILLA's body had all but been absorbed into GODZILLA's form. Alarmingly, his G-Cells were not healing his wounds as quickly as they should have. It was as though a dark virus had infected the beast's body. A year later, the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong, was struck by a living mass of hellfire and rage...BURNING GODZILLA. G-Force was blindsided by this development, as Godzilla had never attacked so viciously and indiscriminately. His power has grown exponentially, his aggression has tripled amazingly, and his vengeance will be had upon the world, even if it meant his Nuclear Heart would implode upon itself, creating a tiny sun that would engulf the planet's core itself, BURNING THE WORLD.

However, there's another creature who had been waiting for a moment such as this for more than 40 years...


  • Skin burns hotter than magma
  • Super Atomic Breath 3X "normal" atomic breath attacks
  • Able to unleash waves of radioactive power to strike down everything in a 400 meter radius

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