Amalgamation Creature
Godzilla Neo BLACK KROIGA by KaijuSamurai
Black Kroiga
Type Beast Class
Faction Guardian of Earth
Wingspan 1.2 feet
Mass 3 lbs.
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


The Shobijin had their trusty steed, FAIRY, the feisty-but-sweet lepidoptera, Belvera had her own mount, the vicious but none-too-bright BLACK KROIGA. When Belvera awoke out of suspended hibernation around 1992, she utilized the small collection of old Elias technology to create a companion; the bird/lion hybrid she called Kroiga. Kroiga's personality, while limited since he was created specifically to be a servant, is riddled with mischievousness bordering on sadism. In other words, he's very aggressive, though not particularly protective of his charge. He's just a gun that she points at something. Still, he seems to represent a side of Belvera, a dark and wild side, that she attempts to keep in-check in her desperation to appease the mighty BATTRA. Kroiga and Fairy share a healthy rivalry, but in the wake of RAZIN's dominion, the two stayed in the background, finding comfort in one-another while the heroes discussed what to do.


  • - Can spit bolts of Purple Lightening
  • - Not as fast as Fairy but far sturdier
  • - Claws and teeth and a bad attitude

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