Genetic Monster
Godzilla Neo BIOLLANTE ROSE by KaijuSamurai
Biollante Rose
Type Beast Class
Faction G-Cell Mutant
Height 100 meters
Mass 90,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


While Dr. Shiragami worked on the ANEB in an effort to finally destroy GODZILLA, he used his newfound access to the G-cells, not to mention their regenerative abilities, to breath new life into a pet project; keeping his daughter alive, at least in some form. The rose cells that he had mixed with her blood had formed into a twisted, beautiful new kind of plant, one with some oddly human traits (subtle ones, of course; the necessity for proteins and calcium, mammalian cellular traits, etc.). However, during one of the many earthquakes issued from Mt. Mihara (currently occupied by a quickly awakening Godzilla), the plant was nearly destroyed, leaving Shiragami at the end of his rope...that is, until the Godzilla cells fell into his lap.

Unfortunately, fate has a way of making sure our playing God comes back to bite us in the ass; a duo of American mercenaries, looking to take the G-cells and the ANEB for themselves, broke into the good doctor's lab, but found themselves in a gun fight with a Saradian merc with similar plans. However, all of this violence awoke something...the plant uprooted itself, killed one of the Americans, and escaped.

Erica's spirit was, through some twist of fate and science, reawoken in the body of a gigantic, mutated monstrosity called BIOLLANTE. A colossal rose grew out of the middle of Lake Ashino...she felt strange, lost, confused, and reached out for another...but she was met with none other than Godzilla.

The battle ensued, and Erica was overcome with a new desire, born from the violent aggression of the other spirit at work; to create something new, to propagate herself. It was a violent emotion, primal and without reason, but as her vine tendrils stabbed at the King of the Monsters, she drew blood from him, absorbing it into her form...and into the giant womb pulsating in her body.

As Godzilla unleashed his mightiest weapon, Biollante's body began to fall apart, and then erupt into flames...screaming at the sky, the body dissolved, its flower wilting...and the womb burst.

The flames grew higher, and the body burned, but shimmering lights danced amongst the pyres of her former body...she had given birth to a new self, a new Erica, a new Biollante, which would grow in size and power and descend from the heavens to fight Godzilla once more.


  • - Massive tendrils spiked and armored
  • - Vulnerable to Godzilla's heat ray
  • - Not much of a fighter
  • - Exists as a gigantic womb to give birth to an evolved fighting form after absorbing Godzilla's DNA

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