Genetic Monster
Biollante Neo
Height 130 meters
Mass 100,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


We as a race are a remarkable evolutionary milestone, in that we humans are capable of molding our environment to suit our needs, and also constantly be creating new and improved methods to conquer and control the world around us. This progress comes at a price, however, as with new technology comes the danger of the unpredictable and the unknown. BIOLLANTE is such an unknown, and of such an unpredictability that she is beyond our present understanding of just what man has wrought.

Created from an amalgamation of Godzilla's Organizer G1, a rose's DNA, the blood of a kind-hearted girl, and the desperation of her mourning father, the myriad of influences lead to such a beast as Biollante. Initially, Dr. Shiragami was brought before G-Force with the hope of using Godzilla's DNA to create the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria with hopes of defeating him once and for all...but Shiragami's disheveled mind had other plans. Seeking to keep some part of his late daughter alive, he had already mixed her DNA with that of her favorite flower; yet when a simple accident threatened to take her away from him yet again, he took the job only so that he could keep her cells alive forever... The ambition of a madman, tempered only by his undieing love. Biollante's psyche is apparently a coin-toss: one side is the gentle spirit of Erika Shiragami, who seeks to protect her father and bring serenity to the world, the other is an instinctual beast, who lashes out at a cruel and unsympathetic reality. First appearing as a colossal rose, she called out to sympathetic spirits, be they anywhere in the world, Erika herself desperate and confused in her newly reincarnated form. Of course...the only creature to respond was Godzilla himself. Seeking out this new creature, so like himself, Godzilla was agog at this giant mutation. Erika's mind went into overdrive, and the instinct to attack kicked in. Godzilla defeated her in this form, however...but she returned later, in a new and further evolved form, now more Godzilla than Erika. Biollante and Godzilla fought to a standstill, and the giant saurian retreated due to being weakened by the ANEB, whereas the plant monster, burned and wounded by Godzilla's raw power, dissolved into the most amazing cloud of ethereal flowers and glowing life-force, Erika's smiling face the last thing seen by Shiragami....before....


  • - Able to secrete deadly radioactive sap with horrific corrosive ability.
  • - Regenerative power equal to Godzilla's
  • - Able to grow and replicate mouthed tendrils and spear-tendrils

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