This Page is about Godzilla Jr, also known as Junior.


Junior's Biological Parents remain unknown and they're most likely deceased. His Adoptive Father is Godzilla, the King of Monsters. His Adoptive Mother is Kenji Miku/Mikuzilla, the Human-Kaiju Hybrid.


Junior is energetic and fun-loving. He's rather friendly and is very social, he also loves exploring and playing. While Godzilla teaches Junior how to fight and protect himself, Miku teaches Junior about Life and Peace. Even though he is a peaceful creature he is rather hazardous and destructive, though this is rather accidental. Despite his young age he clearly knows right from wrong. Even though he is rather scared of combat he has proven to be an adept fighter, though he prefers to avoid violence.


After awaking on a Tropical Island, following a battle with Gigan, Mikuzilla began to explore and soon found a Giant, Green, Egg. Her Motherly instincts started to kick in and for Days she guarded the Egg from any Danger there might be. After 3 Days the Egg began to hatch and from it came a Baby Irradiated Godzillasaurous. The Baby saw Mikuzilla as it's Mother and followed her everywhere, constantly hugging her and letting out small roars of joy. Mikuzilla gathered Food for the Baby and took care of it for 2 more Days. The following Day, Ebirah arrived on the Island and started to look for Food. Ebirah picked the Baby out as a Easy Snack... After Mikuzilla went off to gather Food, leaving the sleeping Baby behind at a Cave, Ebirah made its move. The Baby awoke though and roared in fear. Mikuzilla rushed back to the Cave to protect her adopted Son from the Mutant Kaiju. After a short Battle Ebirah escaped, though heavily wounded.

After teaching the Baby how to swim, Mikuzilla took him back to Monster Island. Soon after Mikuzilla turned back into Miku. The Baby was heavily confused by this but still saw her as it's Mother. Following this Miku introduced the Baby to Godzilla. Due to how alike they were, Miku decided to name him Godzilla Jr, or Junior for short. Junior quickly adapted to his new home and spent alot of time with his new family.

Kaiju Rating

Junior, despite being a Baby, is a Class 3 Kaiju. A Warrior Kaiju.

Health: 3/6

Speed: 5/6

Melee: 4/6

Beam: 4/6


Junior is an Earth Defender Kaiju.

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