Monster King
Godzilla Copyright Icon
RadoGoji night
Species Nicknames
Mutated Godzillasaurus The King of The Monsters, Goji, G-Man, The Big G
Height Length
120 meters 150 meters
Weight Forms
80,000 tons Godzillasaurus
Controlled by Relationships
Xillens, Kilaaks Godzilla Jr. (son)
Allies Enemies
Earth Defenders, Global Defence Force Ghidorah Empire
Created by Portrayed by
{{{created}}} Masanori Ikeda (Japanese version)
Steve Staley (English version)
First Appearance Latest Appearance
King Ghidorah: Monster Zero Episode 1: Requiem For The Gods King Ghidorah: Monster Zero - Part III
Godzilla , (ゴジラ, Gojira) is a kaiju who is featured in King Ghidorah: Monster Zero.

Subtitle: Monster King (怪獣王, Kaijū-ō)

Appearance and Personality

Being based on the RadoGoji design, Godzilla has a bulky build, large legs, and beefy shoulders. He also has a prominent row of back spines flanked by two rows of extra, smaller, spines on either side. Following the typical Godzilla motif, Godzilla stands fully upright, a long tail, maple-like back spines that glow when he uses his atomic breath, three-toed feet, and four-nailed fingers.

Generally, Godzilla is a powerul, benevolent kaiju who, as a rule, is driven to protect his territory. Originally he considered humanity interlopers, Godzilla eventually came to admire and respect the human race after the raids of King Ghidorah. Eventually, this was exemplified when he willingly cooperated with the humans on several occasions, most notably against MechaGodzilla. By the end of his life, he already had considered the human race his friends and allies.


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Powers and Abilities

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  • Godzilla's design in the series is his RadoGoji design from the 1993 film Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla.
  • In the show, Godzilla acts more like his Showa characterization, rather than his Heisei one. It should be said, however, that Jr. is more like the latter in this respect.

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