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Godzilla is a collosal mutated theropod dinosaur Godzillasaurus falainamimus. The origin of his name is "all-mighty reptilian" for he is considered to be the King of the Monsters. There have been two Godzillas so far.

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Since Godzilla is a mutated Godzillasaurus, he shares all related species with the Godzillasaurus. This means that he is a godzillasaurid, a relative of the spinosaurids. Known spinosaurids are: Spinosaurus, Irritator, Baronyx, Siamosaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Cristatusaurus, Ichthyovenator, Suchomimus, Suchosaurus, Oxalaia, Sinopliosaurus and Titanicosaurus. Godzillasaurids are: Zilyonsaurus, Godzillasaurus, Vansconsaurus, Gorosaurus, Persesaurus, Gojirmimus, PygmyGodzillasaurus, Zillasaurus and Zuesmimus. All information on godzillasaurids are on the related page Godzillasaurus(fanfiction). Godzilla's origins are linked to Kurunkos, her page is not in this one's canon.

Many creatures have been birthed by Godzilla's DNA called "G-cells". These include Megaspinosaurus, Orga(mutation/non-canon), Biollante(non-canon), Zilla, Ebirah, Riegubas, C-rex, Gorogosaurus, and SpaceGodzilla(non-canon). Titanosaurus was rescued by Godzilla.


Godzilla is a mutated Godzillasaurus so he has similarities to his species. There have been two Godzillas, the second one still living. The first one was 164 feet(50 meters) tall and 189 feet(57.607 meters) long; the second is 328 feet(100 meters) tall and 370 feet(115.21 meters) long, double the size of the first Godzilla.

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