GTA IV- Godzilla Attacks Liberty City03:06

GTA IV- Godzilla Attacks Liberty City

Offical teaser for Series 1


The Title Card for series 1-5

Godzilla: The Oakbrook Terrace is a american tv show which ran from 14th April 2000 to 30st November 2011.

Publishers Plot

After a nuclear test go's wrong in the bahamas, Godzilla is reborn.He attacks Oakbrook Terrace, a peaceful city on the west coast. Newly weds Thomas and Ellie Feilding must stop Godzilla or the town will be no more.

Starring Zack Efron, Selena Gomez, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock.


The nuclear test

It is set in documentation style (diaries, postcards, newsapapers, news reports etc).

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