Godzilla: Monster Uprising is an Anime series taking place several days after the 2014 movie


After the events of the movie, Godzilla has been hiding while the military tracks down the monster. Meanwhile, The Monarch organization has accidentally unleased many gigantic creatures and cause mayhem and destruction as Godzilla must battle these creature with some allie monsters as well as 5 Biologists recruited by Monarch.


  • Dr. Ari Tyler-Jasons (???: Jpn, Benjamin Disken: ENG): An American herpotologist in his later 20s who leads the group. Brown haired, wares a brown Shirt with grey t-shirt underneath with Khaki shorts.
  • Michelle Hayes (??? Jpn, Cricket Leigh ENG: A British girl with expert knowlage in Nuclear Physics and, thus proves useful in researching Godzilla's anatomy. Blonde, leather jacket with black tanktop underneath, and jeans, 2 earings on left ear.
  • Neil Larson: One of New Zealand's top scientists in Paleontology and Marine Biology, Neil proves himself useful in 
  • Randall Santiago: A Mexican 

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