God Konk

God Kong

God Kong is a cross between Godzilla and King Kong.


When a mentally insane scientist found Gojira's bones he brung them back to his lab to experiment on them. He was shocked to find out that there were remaining G-cells on the bones. Now with the G-cells in his custody he sent a expedition to the closest kaiju to his HQ. Osaka. The closest was King kong. King kong was seduced and his DNA was scanned and crossed with the G-cells which created a creature known as God Kong which grew and grew untill it turned into a horrible creature. Half megaprimitus kong half godzillasaurus. Here it is -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^

Powers and abilities

He has the electrical hands like King kong and Nuclear Pulse Shockwave things like Godzilla that come out of his mouh. Aswell as strength that is powered by Lightning!