Giant Carnotaurus
Giant Carnotaurus
Two Notable Karnotaurus in a Huge Thunderstorm
Species Supersized Carnotaurus
Alias Karnotaurus
Origin Unknow, Maybe Irradiated with the Other Dinosaurs
Attacks/Abilites Charge, Powerful Bite, Stunning Roar, Electrokinesis
First Appearance Gojira:Prehistoric Brawl!!
Last Appearance Godzilla:The Untold History
The Giant Carnotaurus also known as Karnotaurus (Carnotaurus Giganteus), is a Notable irradiated Dinosaur on Gojira:Prehistoric Brawl!!, and make a much more notable appearence in Godzilla:The Untold History.


the Karnotaurus can make Electric attacks and Ram into the Prey, his Electrokinesis is maybe a fusion of the Irradiation during the Thunderstorm of the Late Cretaceous Period.



In Godzilla:The Untold History was seen a Karnotaurus killing a Godzillasaurus, this maybe the start of the Rivality between the Two races.


Also in Godzilla:The Untold History Notable Karnotauruse's killed Baragon, by seeing Footprints on the underground and being furious due to the Tunnels on their Habitat.

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