• Gojira man 5
    • When we left the two brothers were standing at the cave where the father was sleeping when suddenly Rodan came strait at them. Anguirus jumped out of the way just in time but Godzilla got hit and fell on the ground. Meanwhile in tokyo at G-Force HQ. Sir there's a fight on monster island would you like me to nutralise it said the pilot of Kiryu (Mechagodzilla) Henry Arizawa talking to the president. No if these monster can't live in harmony on the island then they will have tear each other apart. Rodan grabs Godzilla with his talons but Godzilla whacks him with his tail and he lands on the cave. Godzilla's spines start lighting up and Anguirus starts attacking Rodan Then Godzilla lets out a ray of atomic energy out of his mouth that hits Ro…
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  • Ultraman Life

    How-do. Some may know me, some may not as I spend a majority of my time on the original wiki. For those who don't, I'm UL, a fan of the series and lover of finding old toku shows and stories that have been lost to time (Captain Ultra, Silver Kamen, Mitsurugi, etc.). I am making this to propose to you of a collaborative crossover universe idea that would be posted across the Ultraman and Godzilla Aminos.

    Amino is a free community app for apple and android devices where people post anything they want on the community(ies) they join. Each community has it's own focal point that any posts should be aimed towards, some are more lenient about this then others. These can be blogs, questions to the community, polls, quizzes and more. I thoroughly r…

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  • Godzilla2

    im back suckers !

    December 4, 2015 by Godzilla2
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  • Zekons

    Ghidorah Rebirth Series

    November 1, 2015 by Zekons

    Hello, I'm creating Ghidorah Rebirth series, can anyone see it?

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  • ShodaiMeestonLarva

    UPDATE as of September 2, 2015: A green version of Test Template!

    UPDATE as of September 6, 2015: Film Infobox is now available at Zilla Fanon Wiki!

    UPDATE as of September 8, 2015: Kaiju and Game infoboxes has been updated!

    I noticed that this wiki does not have enough infoboxes and templates, so I tried to create a new template. And guess what?

    It's 100% PERFECT in Desktop and Monobook skins!

    But, I am having a problem on the new infoboxes and templates: I don't know how to add new colors for the infoboxes: such as "Grey", "Light Blue", or "Light Green", etc...

    If anyone likes to help me, post a comment on the comments section below.


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  • Articstar 120


    May 1, 2015 by Articstar 120

    Hey guys. Um, I'm new here. Can someone put an enemy section on This guy please. I don't know how. You can add anybody, but you HAVE to add gamera. You should see how they meet. Anyway, i'll make a fanfic about it. Just please.

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  • ShodaiMeestonLarva

    Zilla Fanon Wiki, Wikizilla and Wikizilla Role-Play Wiki has glitches since yesterday, even refreshing the browser or disconnecting/connecting the internet.

    Glitch #1: The background photo of Zilla Fanon Wiki, Wikizilla and Wikizilla Role-Play Wiki (LegendaryGoji) is appearing as a black blank area.

    Glitch #2: Some posts on Wikizilla Role-Play Wiki Chat does not show up.

    Glitch #3: Some of the existing articles on Zilla Fanon Wiki (including in Wikizilla and Wikizilla Role-Play Wiki) appears as a blank page.

    -If those glitches (listed above) happened on you, post it here and upload a photo for evidence.

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  • Chompy-King

    Need Help

    February 13, 2015 by Chompy-King

    Hi guys! I am Chompy - King, and I am new here. I am the proud creator of Gigan: King Of Blades. But I need help with the movie a bit. I want Gigan to fight and returning Kaiju, but I don't know who to use. Don't know if I want a flying character, or a rough and tumble character. Can you guys help me out a bit? Thanks and Happy Valentines Day!

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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    So...i'm new here, i have an email that has the same name as this user...but i am a different person, i have been blocked from a certain wiki because....i have the same name as him in my emai?! listen i do not know who he is, but if you could kindly tell me, that'd be great.

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  • Franco.carmona.106

    KG: MoM Trailers

    November 7, 2014 by Franco.carmona.106

    Precisely what the title says.

    Teaser #1

    INTRO: The logos of Toho, Kadokawa, Tsubaraya, Universal, Legendary, and Warner Brothers Pictures appear. Then, fade to black.

    Mothra (Laura Bailey narrating): To think that this all ended… but no….


    Cut to a shot of a ruined Tokyo. It’s raining. Cue storm clouds and thunder.

    Anguirus (Dwight Schultz narrating): It was far from over. And even WE didn’t know until it was too late...


    Cut to a shot of a dark shape at the sea floor. Various seaweed and marine life cover it.

    Rodan (Christopher Sabat narrating): It was supposed to be hard. We knew it was to be. SBut this… this was hell reborn.


    Cut to a blur hitting the ocean and decending to the bottom.

    King Caesar (Kevin Michael Richardson narrating): There was noth…

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  • Franco.carmona.106

    Alrighy, let's get things down to buisness.

    Since the monster bio pages for KG: MoM have started to show up (courtesy of me) I have decided to give you a little preview on what bio pages to expect next. They will be...

    • Biollante
    • MechaGodzilla 1
    • SpaceGodzilla
    • Destoroyah 
    • Orga
    • Megalon 
    • Hedorah
    • Ebirah
    • Hokmuto
    • Femuto
    • Mogu
    • Hafun
    • Ghidrah-III

    Now, once I'm done with the page of Ghidrah-III,  honestly don't know which character to do next, sadly! Though I do hope that you'll enjoy the pages when they DO show up.


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  • Zilla456

    Hello Godzilla fans,

    I am making a Godzilla fan film called; Godzilla vs. Cloverfield Monster. The film takes place in Los Angeles on July 6, 2013

    Here is the trailer,

    If you can't see it here, here is the link to the trailer.

    Godzilla vs. Cloverfield Monster - Official Teaser Trailer

    Human Characters:

    Kevin Parker -- a newspaper journalist who can get info on the giant monster attack.

    Susan Hattori -- a TV news reporter for a local Los Angeles TV station in Hollywood. Susan is Kevin Parker's love interest.

    Ivan Hicks -- a Godzilla Prediction Center scientist who does research on the Cloverfield Monster

    Paula Smith -- the lead scientist in the Godzilla Prediction Center.

    Colonel, Taylor -- a Japanese American military figure who will command the mon…

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  • Godzilla2

    tlak to me about anything

    December 28, 2013 by Godzilla2
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  • Gojirules54

    imagine the godzilla characters as GWAR characters : godzilla as oderus urungus anguirus as beefcake the mighty gorosaurus as balsac the jaws of death rodan as jizmak da gusha baragon as flattus maximus varan as pustulus maximus mechagodzilla as techno destructo biollante as the master spacegodzilla as cardinal syn king ghidorah as jewcifer gmk king ghidorah as edna p granbo gmk baragon as corporal punishment mothra as private parts gmk mothra as cia special agent cerutti fancy pants battra as dr d bill attaited megaguirus as skulhedface orga as the flesh column and monster x as mr perfect

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  • Twoheadedgator

    Well...Who would win?

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  • Kung fu frogz

    Enter ANGUIRUS!

    May 30, 2013 by Kung fu frogz


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  • Kung fu frogz

    Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the earth and pterosaurs ruled the sky. The great pterosaurs flew in great mile long Vs they were the kings of the clouds. One pterosaur stood out from the rest. His wing span was 20 feet long and could fly higher and faster than any other pterosaur. One day that pterosaur saw something coming down from outer space and the reat flyer took to the high mountains (modern day Mt. Everest),went deep into the dark tunnles,stayed there and waited. The thing from outer space was a huge golden meteor and it was hurddling down to earth at incredible speeds. Then the meteor hit and killed all of the dinosaurs. life aroud began to change.

    Year 1964: The spot were the golden meteor struck the earth has turned into a…

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  • Kung fu frogz

    A mother Godzillasaurus defends her egg from a hungry V-Rex. The mother fights vigorously but the V-Rex forces her to the ground,but the mother bites into the leg of the V-Rex.The monster let out a roar in agony.The V-Rex angrly bites down on the Mother Godzillasaurus's neck. She tries to get away but the more she struggles the tighter the grip of the V-Rex's jaw gets. After 2 long hours the mother finely gives up and dies. The V-Rex goes to devour the egg when suddenly in the sky a golden meteor comes down to earth causing a huge earth quake. A crack in the earth begins to form and the Godzillasaurus egg falls down in to it.Soon the crack closes and the egg is lost. Slowly all life around begins to die out leaving room for new life.

    Year 1…

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  • Goji73

    For those of you who are a part of this wiki you'll notice it has been the source of some trolling by people whose actions have been notorious in the fandom, going beyond what they've been doing here. In order to prevent this any further, I ask to those of you who do visit this wiki and do edit it on a common basis that some order be made. This wiki has no administrator or moderators of any sort to regulate these sort of people from visiting. Least, not that I can find anyways. Which is why I'm making this blog, I plan on taking this to the head wiki administrators for control over this wiki, that way some order will be put in place and prevent anymore trolling on this site. However in order to become one, I need your support, post a comme…

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