Lord of Fire
Ancient Godzilla Monster
Ancient Godzilla
Species Deity ~ The Sun
Height 200 meters
Weight 1,000,000 tons.

The Ancient Godzilla is the first relative of Godzilla to ever exist. He is far older than Prehistoric Godzilla, and the creator of fire, flammable things, and plasma, as well as being the Sun.


The Ancient Godzilla was born from fossil deposits, carbon dioxide, and rock formations. He was an ordinary sea creature, but he wanted to get up to land. He soon shed his gills and then started breathing fire, creating it.


  • This Godzilla spits magma, and breathes solar flares.
  • Sun Rays - Godzilla emits high concentrations of ultraviolet light.
  • Thunder Spirit - Godzilla is incredibly energetic and fast.