The version of Godzilla that appears in SolZen321's story.


Alpha G or Godsaurus as he was known to the people of the X Corporation, was created from cells from the bones of a Godsaurus. It grew up in captivity being used as a constant source of G Cells eventually grew resentful to humans. When its behavior became too unruly it was sent to be disposed of like other 'failure' but it escaped into the ocean where it settle on an uncharted island.

However, the island was the sight of a weapons test that set of Uranium deposits undeground, the vast amounts of radiation not only caused Alpha G to grow to adult size and power but it also overloaded it causing its body to glow red. Alpha G returned to the facility and cause the Cataclysm, breaking down barricades and destroying several settlements, a mass evacuation was performed stranding some people on the Islands and killing several test subjects of the DNA restoraion Project.

It's fate is unknown but the children find themselves on the island there is no hint of its attack left save for lakes formed from the craters it left.

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