Name Alien Baltan Age 17 Season 1 25 Season 2 Status Dead Bio Baltan was A Main Character in Godzilla Island Adventures He first appears in episode when he and his best friend Zetton appear to fight Megatron unlike most of the monsters on Monster Island Baltan is all for the idea of teaming up. In Season 2 Baltan has a more prompt role he is in a relationship with Rhianna and the to love each other greatly

Death In the finale of season 2 A bunch of mysteries murders take place and many monsters end up dead including Geronimon Red king Zetton And Bemular Baltan attempts to head up to a high cliff in order to use his cellphone to call for help however the killer comes up behind him and hits him in the head with a blunt object causing Baltan to fall to his dead. It is later reveled that he was killed by Black King


Rhianna Baltan and Rhianna are boyfriend and girlfriend. Like Mothra and Rodan Baltan and Rhianna love each other greatly Rhianna Is Devastated By Baltan's Death

Zetton Zetton Is Baltan's Best Friend They Have Been Through A lot Together Baltan Breaks Down Into Tears After Zetton Is Killed

Trivia Baltan Is Obsessed With Red Bull And Will Savagely Beat up anyone who goes near his secret stash

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